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  Author Of The Month: 
    Shoshannah Jones.


  Shoshannah Jones (born Renah Shoshannah Jones) is originally from Chicago, IL. She has been an actress, playwright, and spoken-word performer since the late 90's. Her works illustrate the modern day black experience from a female perspective. Using realism, humor, and a bit of edge she discusses social issues that affect us all. Having experienced childhood abuse, racial injustice, and witnessing the effects sexual assault/rape has had upon girls and women close to her led, Shoshannah to be a creative individual. Writing and performing is her outlet to overcome the darker side life and enabled her to enjoy unlimited beauty in the world. She hopes that her work entertains and empowers all those who's voices desire to be heard. She considers Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, Hip-Hop veterans, several great actors, and the love of her life Antaeus M. Gayles as her inspiration. Her first poetry book "The Juicy Flow" is available in hardcopy and as an eBook. After a brief hiatus Shoshannah is excited that her second, more intimate book of poetry filled with brand new works, entitled "BEFORE I GRAB THE MIC" (July 2016) is now available. Shoshannah Jones currently resides in California.


   Author: Shoshannah Jones.



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