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 Author of the Month 
    Lady Ray Adams  

     In 2012 Lady Ray Adams released her first installment of the Eve's Apples Series starting with Pricilla's Dance; a dance into Pricilla's love and loyalty  to her family, her craft and her girlfriend Sunny. Things take a twisted turn when Pricilla's Dance turns into a dangerous tango.  
  Coming in winter 2017 Lady Ray plans on releasing the next installment of Eve's Apples with Drama Karma Peace and a book of poetry  entitled Love Rage and Everything Else. 

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 Lady Ray Adams



Disclaimer: In purchasing this book through Amazonsmile a small portion of the  proceeds will be donated to Coffee Chatter a 501 (c)(3) non profit. In purchasing this book through any other mechanic(s) no proceeds are donated to Coffee Chatter.  

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