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   This month we bring you a review of the Movie "US"

  By Lady Ray Adams


Do not read if you have not seen the movie ��

Jordan Peele should be crowned the new King of suspense. He killed it with his number one box office movie “Us”, starring the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o and the tall chocolate and fine Winston Duke.  Us is more about the deep connection with yourself and your soul’s purpose.  Adalaide knew from the beginning when she went back to the beach house Red was coming back to get her, she said it as a warning to her husband but deep down she knew Red was coming. Not only did Red (Adaliaide’s Tether self) come back for that ass, she had her Tether family and more Tether people to kill more families and take over, get their time back.

What I love most about this film is it’s about a fun, loving, kick ass, intelligent African American family coming together to survive and this family was the only successful family to survive themselves using their flaws, weakness and their strength to survive.  I love how Peele focused more on the creative writing of the film rather than the horror, he’s not overdoing it with bloody scenes to make the horror stand out, the story itself is strong enough without overdoing it, you can actually sleep at night after seeing the film. I notice he wants his audience to leave thinking about the story and watch it again and again to understand this story. I wanted Red to win and I didn’t even know why at first, it’s like Peele wanted you to feel sad for Red in those final scenes with Adaliaide, even if it was just for a moment.

In the final scenes you learn more about Red’s life underground and who the Tether are. When Red growing up all the scientist left, the government shut down the project.  Without communication with the other Tether Red figured out they were copies, puppets of what was going on up above. Once the other Tether saw she was different she was able to execute her plan to escape by using the Hands Across America T-shirt and commercial she saw as inspiration and she would not leave the other Tether ones behind. It appears that the Tether don’t have souls, what they don’t have is remorse, empathy, fear, or purpose. Red gave them a purpose and hope that was always connected in their souls the entire time.  

The split of the ballet scene Adaliaide did in the world is the fight Red knew she would have with Adaliaide, I believe that’s what she meant when she said she saw God, Red saw that moment just not the end of her own life. You can tell the Wilson’s are in shock and reflecting on the madness they went through. At the end of the movie we learn Adaliaide is the real Tether one and Red is the true Adaliaide, Red gave clues from the beginning when she said while the girl got to eat food the shadow ate rabbit, how do you know any other food but rabbits unless you were not always a Tether. Red in fact had a soul the entire time but being kidnapped and forced to live underground around thousands of humans with no happiness, no life and no ending to the madness she went insane for revenge.  Once Adaliadie realizes who she is the smile at the end of the movie shows how she had no remorse, no empathy, and no apologies for what she did which made her one of the Tether ones after all. 





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