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  By Lady Ray Adams

Star is cancelled and I’m SHOOK

I’m extra-large shook, like shook shook! I swear this is the worst cancellation since Underground which I still want back on the air! This cancellation is worse than Moesha because we still don’t know who kidnapped Miles! Was it the queen bee Lil Kim or Master P peoples? We will never know and that still hurts me.  This cancellation in 2019 is unexpected, shocking, and sad for television Fox has cancelled Star! I hope this is a rumor as I’ve grown to love Star, Alex, Simone, Miss. Carlotta, Cotton, Cassie! Not bad ass Cassie! First of all, Booooooooooooooo! I wanna speak to Lee Daniels!

Honestly, I have followed both Empire and Star since the shows first began. Empire gave me so much life! The drama, plot-twist, the murders, and turns every season.  Me sipping my late-night coffee catching up to Cookie Lyon’s catch phases, outfits and confidence screaming at the TV yasss that’s my girl! When the promos came for Star, I really thought the show wouldn’t last one season. I felt like I knew the story before it began, how wrong was I. Unlike Empire, Star is relatable on so many levels. You have this pop group Take 3, the lead singer Star starring Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny as Alex Crane, and Brittany ‘O Grady as Simone Davis. Star burst on the scene and killed the man raping her sister Simone, seriously that’s the first scene. Then after Simone and Star take off to Atlanta to form a group with Alex the daughter of rock star legend Lenny Kravitz as her shady Daddy Roland Crane and super model Naomi Campbell as the alcoholic super celebrity Rose Crane as her mama, epic casting for this show.

The beautiful Covergirl Queen Latifah’s character Miss. Carlotta forms the girls in a group called Take 3 and becomes their manager. She helps them get shows, keeps the girls rehearsing and their look together owning a beauty shop, Miss. Carlotta hair game is on point, I actually own a few of the same wigs. Shout out to the wig stylist on Star!  Miss. Carlotta little sister bad ass Cassie played by legendary singer Brandy brought a spicy edge to the show. The group Take 3 has some hits along the way, my ultimate sing in the mirror favorite “There for You”, the moment Star became a star leaving her group out of the spotlight. As the show goes on they all step out solo and they each realize they can make it on their own. At the end of season 3, Take 3 finally, officially got back together, winning an ASA Award that they dreamed of receiving and we knew the music for season 4 would be fire.  

The characters, are so relatable they feel real, their situations feel real. You also want these characters to win.  Fine ass Evan Ross, whose character Angel who was not legally born in the U.S is married to Simone. Their story brought attention to viewers of the immigration issues going on right now in real life and how it affects so many families and children every day, families being split up and even dying in custody in the land of the free. This show brought attention to why Noah Brooks played by fine ass Luke James suffered from PTSD and became an Opioid addict losing his friend to a police shooting right in front of his eyes. Since 2009 there have been rising numbers of Police shootings of unarmed Black men, what we sometimes don’t learn is how family and friends are affected with tragedies like this and when will it end.  Cassie never backed down to nothing or nobody, she walked confident, talked tough, and dressed like a superstar, even her character was secretly being abused by her on again off again powerful criminal boyfriend Xander. Cassie’s character showed no matter how tough you are on the outside so many women hide the domestic violence on the inside.

I love Star, this show gives me life with the stories. I feel robbed that this show has been canceled. When the season finale of Star started with Juanita Jennings aka Miss. Ruby started the scene with scripture, I knew the show was going to be good and it was, her death on the show really broke my heart because she been through so much and Derek played by sexy Quincy Brown was going to be crushed. The cliffhanger is epic and now fans will never know what happened to Star’s baby and was her ex fiancé Jackson dead? Did Angel and Cassie die at the shooting at Alex and Derek wedding reception? I used to love Empire the way I love Star but over the years Star has become better than Empire. Empire became predictable in the recent years I honestly thought they would get the ax. Without Jamal Empire will have to bring it with the story and special guest appearances. Hopefully this ax to Star will bring a Star Empire merge. Even give Empire a boost with the exit of Jamal. If not then we can say goodbye to Empire by the end of season 6. As for Star to picture the show gone with all those unanswered questions will leave fans haunting and broken for years to come. Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Beyonce! Somebody SAVE STAR! 





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