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"Chatting With Showbiz Pros" 

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 Coffee Chatter Executive Chairman Michael Gavino,  Founder Lynne Burnett, Coffee Chatter Advisory Board Member Andullaha Hall and Tina Russek of the LA Mission

 On January 29, 2019, With your help Coffee Chatter delivered 1,136 and a half pair of new socks and 100 personal feminine hygiene items to the Los Angeles Mission. Thank you. You helped make a positive difference for the LA Mission's homeless community.


 Guest Speaker: Former TV Comedy Writer Ken Cosby.
  Co - Producer of the web series InDeezStreets. 

Ken Cosby, Ron Moseley, Sarah Poindexter and Tracy Twinkie Byrd, Guest Speakers.

  October 19, 2019. Time 6:00 pm.

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      Tracy Twinkie Byrd, Ken Cosby, TV Director Ron Moseley, and Writer Sarah Ponidexter Guest Speak with Coffee Chatter.

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