Coffee Chatter
"Chatting With Showbiz Pros" 

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Contact Information:

Coffee Chatter
PO BOX 500036
Lake LA, CA 93591


Phone:  661.860.5797


TWITTER: @Chattercoffee
INSTAGRAM:  coffeechatter1


Coffee Chatter offers no refunds. Coffee Chatter is for educational purposes only. Coffee Chatter or any Coffee Chatter guest speaker offer NO EMPLOYMENT. Strong language may occur. Any or all Coffee Chatter events subject to change or cancellation at any time for any reason with or without notice. Coffee Chatter is NOT responsible for guest speakers content. No children allowed.  Photo taking is allowed. Most Coffee Chatter events are video taped for TV, Film, DVD and Internet distribution. Your presences at a Coffee Chatter events is an allowances for such taping and airing without any compensation to audience members, guest speakers and by passers. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE STREAM RECORD OR VIDEO ANY COFFEE CHATTER EVENT. Price does NOT include food items purchase from the establishments. YOU are responsible for any additional food item purchases.You are responsible for any parking fees. The presence of any casting director, casting associate or casting company is in no way an offer of employment. Coffee Chatter offers NO EMPLOYMENT.  Coffee Chatter reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Professional business attire is required. Must be professional at all times. All rights reserved.

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